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My name is Rev. Brian Charles, I am the senior pastor of the Mercy of God Church and I have known Roxanne Flagler for some time now. She was our Worship Leader at our church for several years. We have been blessed to know her as a friend also. My wife and I have spent much time with Roxanne and the one thing we count as joy, is her transparent heart. She reveals Christ in her life through humility, joy and longsuffering. Through the good and the bad times I have watched Roxanne minister to the Lord and to his people. I believe her songs come from the heart of God and will bless and inspire all who hear. It would be to your benifit to have her minister to your assembly. Pastor Brian Charles

Hi Rox:
Just a quick email to express my congratulations on your award. You deserve it!!! May God continue to bless and use you to His glory!!!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!!!

Blessings, Judy McWaters

Please forward congratulations to Rox for us. She is the best!!
Jim & Cheryl Dunn

"Roxanne: just a note to say thank you for your ministry the other night.

I've been promoting artists a while now-----over time, you get to know who 'ministers' and who is up there to be heard. You definatley minister and have an anointing about you. Its a joy to listen to you. You blessed me. Please keep singing. Many lives have and will be blessed by your ministry. "

Phil Foster

"You've been on my mind for much of the day today as I was reflecting on last night's concert, the trip home and our one on one conversations throughout the night! I so appreciate your warm and honest spirit. You are truly a reflection of God's love. You blow my socks off on stage! I am still in awe when I think of the privilege God has granted get to minister along side of you and this wonderful group of people. It had been so long since I had experienced a night like we had "on the bus" that I too recognize the deep work God is doing in our hearts! Wow...God stirred up the old songs, gave them a fresh anointing and ministry started to happen all over again! It's the anointing that breaks the yolks in our lives and in the lives of those who hear the songs. This is what ministry is all about."

Rest in Him!  The Best is Yet to Come!

Love ya kid!

"thanks for sending me the cd - beautiful music by a beautiful lady - it sounds great, and I'm very proud for you and Dave - all the best to you and yours".

Brent Rowan, Nashville Tenn.

I had a fantastic time on Friday and so much enjoyed performing with you. I have totally memorized your Cd as it has run 24-7 since Friday. I love the stuff your doing. I love the way you brought the people into the spirit of God. It was very much a thrill for me to be on stage with you and playing and enjoying what God has freely given us. GREAT JOB. Glad to have met you.


Roxanne I am blessed by you and your faith and music each time I am suffering....I believe God has given me you and your music especially when things in my life don't make a lot of sense...its like you are His reminder to me that He is always there and provides for me...


Roxanne sings to glorify the Lord, not to entertain….her heart is that of a minister of music. She is unpretentious; what you see is what you get. She has a deep passion to tell others about the wonderful merciful Savior who helped her in her time of need. It has been said that Roxanne is a sermon in a song.

President of the Gideon's Chapter of Peterborough

Thanks Roxanne ..... and God bless you also in your ongoing ministry.
You shine Christ with beauty - I Cor. 15:58
Lorna Dueck

Lorna Dueck Lorna Dueck is the Executive Producer and Host of the Thursday edition of 100 Huntley Street's current affairs program Listen Up TV.

To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to write this note as a reference for my friend Roxanne Flagler whom I have known for approximately 25 years.

During that time I have had a number of occasions to musically accompany Roxanne; hear her in concert; and to have her share her ministry in our church in Kanata. I have no hesitation in recommending Roxanne to you and your church.

Her music is grounded in a southern gospel style, but more recently I would describe her style as being ‘adult contemporary’. Roxanne writes a significant amount of her own music, so the ministries that she has flows out of her own experiences and walk with the Lord. In particular, Roxanne’s concerts often have a theme centering on the love, mercy and patience of God; the God of the second chance. While both men and women, and people of all ages enjoy her music, I would say that her music is most appreciated by young adults. Often the women who attend the concerts are most profoundly ministered to. Roxanne’s personal testimonies and music have repeatedly been used by the Lord to touch the hearts of those who hear her.

Roxanne is a gentle, loving, kind, encouraging and humble lady, who is very talented and has a quality ministry that any church would be proud to sponsor or endorse.

Joy to you in abundance,
Rev. Steve Elliott, Sr. Pastor

"I'm finally getting around to doing something I've wanted to do ever since my son brought your cd home for us to listen to.

Words can't express what a blessing it has been to my heart! It is such a source of worship for me as I meditate on the words while going through my daily tasks at home.

Your song, "Pour Out The Oil", has especially touched my heart with it's words, music and harmony, and has moved me to tears over and over again each time I have listened to it. God has certainly gifted and equipped you to serve "Him" through your music.

May the "Hosts of Heaven" rejoice over the souls who will be drawn to God because of the songs that "He" has given you, and which you faithfully sing for "His" glory.

I pray that your heart has been encouraged today trhough this small expression of appreciation. Please pass along my grateful thanks and greetings to Mandy. May she, too, continue to be used by the Lord in this wonderful way.

In Jesus' Love
Liz McArthur

May the Lord fill you with "His" spirit and may "He" truly "pour out the oil" of anointing on each of you, and those who will listen, as you sing for "His" glory. As I write this, that beautiful song is now playing and blessing my heart once again.

"We find Roxanne an extremely capable performer with a strong desire to see lives changed and this is evident both on and off stage as she relates the powerful personal testimony of her own changed life. As a fellow performer, I find Roxanne totally professional; her smooth, effortless vocals, something I can only dream about and you'll discover, in her music, the same direction, comfort and encouragement she has found through faith in her Savior, Jesus Christ."

Bryan Round


"We had a GREAT Sunday! Roxanne was very well received by our congregation. She sang a lot of her own work and it was very meaningful. The spirit of the songs and presentation was great. We had her do an encore at the end of the service after the meditation. A number of her tapes and CD's were purchased. I have had a number of requests to book her back in the new year, which we will do. Thank You for your recommendation."

Bob Quick

Rev. Robert Quick, The Marmora Free Methodist Church

"Roxanne is music, her whole life has been music. Life, however, often serves up to all of us a season of discord and discouragement, and I have witnessed that in Roxanne's life. God however has breathed into Roxanne a new song to sing, and a song more powerful than she has ever sung before. Roxanne is a living testimony of God's Grace, and the results of a praying community, that has given Roxanne another opportunity to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ in song. She shares masterfully about serving a God of the second chance, and her personal testimony of restoration and inner healing will bless and encourage people wherever she has the opportunity to sing."

Cam Shillington

"I sat and watched you on 100 Huntley Street. You were wonderful and you looked radiant and joyful. I could really feel God's Annointing on you as you sang. I'm really proud of you for using your talent for God and not for the world."

Iva Kirkwood

"Roxanne, your spirit shines through your words and music. There is no doubt that God is on your side and your life is a wonderful testament to his love and forgiveness, which we all need!"

Deborah Ellenberger

"The more I listen (to your music), the more I am blessed! Just thought I'd let you know and maybe encourage you a little.

God Bless
Judy McWaters

"Your voice is still like an angel and the songs are great!"

Dianne MCcarthur
Peterborough, Ontario

Hi Roxanne,

My name is Jessica, I was at the Gospel Christmas Concert, presented by Life 100.3 (the coolest!) You were AWESOME! When I was there at the intermission I asked you if you had a poster, but you didn't have one with you, so you told me to e-mail you so you could send me one. I was also wondering if you could sign it. Thanks

God Bless,
Jessica Shirk
P.S. Thank you for signing my new CD, it's great! ( Lady in Red )

Dear Roxanne,

I simply wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for your generous gift of tapes to myself and my friend Judy at the end of your recent concert at Kanata Wesleyan Church. I have listened to your tape "Second Chance" Countless times and it has moved me to tears more than once. God has gifted you with a beautiful voice and song writing skills and it is wonderful that you have recognized God's will for you to minister to others with your music.
May God bless and enrich your ministry. I look forward to hearing you in concert again soon!